OurLSPS Resources

This webpage has been established to update our school community about resources inside and outside our district. Please check back to this site for the latest information and updates as we stay in regular contact with county and state agencies.   We will stay focused on the needs of our students and their families. Partnering across the district, we will do whatever it takes to support each other during these challenging times. 

School Social Workers 

Rodgers Elementary
Rebecca Asni
(586) 285-8865
Jessica Miller
(586) 285-8621

Masonic Elementary
Nichole Filer
(586) 285-8513

Violet Elementary 
Paul Schroll
(586) 285-8712

Kennedy Middle School
Kayla Glombowski
(586) 285-8814

Lake Shore High School
Helen Buyse
(586) 285-8936

North Lake High School
Allyson Moore
(586) 285-8778